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A brand new study from CDC researchers has shown that best e cig vape can be used by more smokers seeking to quit than FDA-approved methods like patches, gums and medicines. Unsurprisingly, this can be receiving treatment just as if it’s not so good news. The authors in the study write:

There is no conclusive scientific evidence that e-cigarettes are effective for very long-term cessation of smoking cigarettes. E-cigarettes are certainly not licensed by the FDA as a quitting smoking aid. FDA-approved medications have helped smokers to stop, in many cases doubling the chance of success. Finally, we found out that most smokers that are switching to e-cigarettes or “mild” cigarettes usually are not switching completely. These smokers usually are not stopping their cigarette smoking.

There is lots to unpack here, nevertheless the implication is incredibly clear: they are not happy that smokers are switching to vaping more often than they’re using among the pre-ordained methods. After 16dexipky apparently dedicated themselves to promoting the uninformative message that best e cigarettes review “isn’t safe,” I suppose it’s obvious why they aren’t entirely happy.

If you’re worldwide of public health, through which people’s choices and preferences are less important than if they make choices you approve of, smokers’ decision to disregard anti-vaping misinformation is deeply troubling. “How could we buy them to avoid vaping?” You might think. “What could we do in order to encourage them to use FDA-approved methods?”

But let’s step beyond the world of e-cigs and take a look at the situation objectively. Let’s rely on evidence as opposed to gut reactions when we’re trying to determine should this be news to become celebrated or feared.

The authors might not be happy concerning the finding, but anyone who wants the very best for smokers really should be.

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